Hidden Durham

35 Stops

The goal of this tour is to encourage people to explore Durham and maybe pick up some of our very unusual history.

This tour was created as a part of the Duke PepsiCo Education Technology program, starting in the summer of 2016.

Our pioneer group developing this app are:

  • Olilah Coleman, Riverside High School
  • Nekhi Lyon, Githens Middle School
  • Ebbie Morris-Benedict, Durham School of the Arts
  • Kaitlyn Pedde, Durham School of the Arts
  • Katlyn Pendergraph, Durham School of the Arts
  • Eli Rodrigues, Lakewood Montessori Middle School
  • Olivia Rostagni, Riverside High School
  • Mak Siu, Lowes Grove Middle School
  • Mohamad Chamas, Duke 2018
  • Zoe Grueskin, Audio Production
  • David Stein, Program Director

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